Medieval Documents Research Group

Many students who had completed Latin for Local History at Liverpool and Manchester University continued with their research. They  felt the need to meet regularly to encourage one another and actively collaborate in their documentary work. In order to do so they met in the same location and on the same days as the course - one Saturday a month, usually the second, in order to benefit from the opportunity of ongoing consultation with the tutors. In due course,  it was also recognised that for administrative purposes , and when the Latin for Local History course was no longer active, an independent group would need to be formed, which would be responsible for those meetings. So the Medieval Documents Research Group was formed as a section of the Ranulf Higden Society.

The Medieval Documents Research Group meets on the second Saturday of each month, from October to June at the Sydney Jones Library in Liverpool University.

The annual membership fee for the group is £15 for adults and free for students


The Society holds three lecture meetings each year, usually at Keele and Liverpool Universities, but also occasionally at other centres, which have included Chester, Lancaster, Litchfield, York and Shrewsbury. In these meetings leading researchers in various fields speak about their work and introduce records which they discuss with members.

In past years subjects covered have included

Heresy in the Late Middle Ages  -   Peter McNiven

Rise of Part-Music in Medieval Britain  -  Dr Barry Cooper

The Secret Language of Medieval Scribes  -  Dr Carolyn Hull

Records of Medieval Battles  -  Dr Phillip Morgan  and Dr Michael Jones

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